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It’s been a long time without you, my friends…. I would tell you all about it when I see you again…. of course, I have to I absolutely missed talking to you guys.

It’s honestly been awhile since I did a review and I hope to be documenting and updating more.
I have always loved the African hair texture from kinky to curly and even coily but each time I try to get extensions that imitate them, they’re always gorgeous but always way out of my budget and too darn expensive for a student but at the same time I would say if you could afford one, that’s a good ass investment.

I wanted to get my hair done and originally wanted braids but on getting to the market and the prices of everything had upped, I decided that I was gonna do crochet instead. Then I came across these extensions from Supreme, they weren’t as long as I would’ve loved them to be but it was an okay length for me.

I got these extensions (SUPREME ROYAL SILK AFRO TWIST BRAID) at 1700 naira for a pack and I used 2 to get my hair as full as you’ll see if you watch my video. This cost 3400 naira. I wanted to install these myself but I had a lot of commitments to keep that day and opted to go to a salon down the street and got this installed in 2 hours for 1500 naira.
In all, I felt like I got the Best of Both worlds because I ended up getting a hairstyle I really did like and spent under 5000 naira (*standing ovation* because trust me this a huge achievement).

A lot of people have asked me if it’s my real hair and I’ve come to start believing it could pass for extensions, it just feels like dry natural hair and can be cared for just like natural hair but doesn’t retain moisture.

It also does tangle a bit here and there but nothing a bit of trimming wouldn’t fix.

These are my personal thoughts on these products. I would love to know what yours are if you have used them before.
What are your experiences with extensions that mimic natural hair so far? Do let me know below I would really love to hear from you.

Love and Spice,


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